Tiger Warriors Program
For ages 6 - 8

Our Tiger Warrior program is a perfect segue from our Kid Tiger Program to our TSP Martial Arts System.  Our Tiger Warrior program has a challenging curriculum based in taekwondo, with basic jiu-jitsu, and other forms of martial arts.  Our curriculum pushes them to better fitness, and helps kids learn the values of being goal oriented and passionate about excellence. Your child will develop an outgoing attitude and the ability to be his or her best. 

Your child will build character in our classes as we reinforce the values you teach at home like honesty and integrity. They will develop self-discipline, control, respect for adults and courtesy for others in a positive and fun learning environment.  We build healthy bodies and fitness awareness by making sure our students are always learning, sweating, amd smiling.

Our dynamic curriculum will help BULLY PROOF our students by building their mind, body and spirit to know they can overcome anything. 


Our Tiger Warrior program is offered three days per week on either of the schedules below

5:30PM-6:15PM (All ranks)

5:30PM - 6:15PM



5:00PM-5:45PM (All ranks)

5:30PM-6:15PM (All Ranks)

5:30PM - :15PM



At White Tiger we gladly post the prices of our programs online. We realize you have a busy schedule and you should not have to make an appointment to find out the costs of our programs. Also remember we NEVER MAKE YOU SIGN A CONTRACT!

For your convenience we can either draft your checking account or credit/debit card.  The bank draft or billing of your credit/debit card can be cancelled at any time with no questions asked.

Single membership plan:

Tiger Warrior Introductory Special
1-month tuition PLUS the White Tiger Uniform
Only $69 


Only $99.00/Month
Monthly Electronic Bank Draft or Credit/Debit Card Billing


We offer family discounts for 2 or more family members!

Family discounts with Electronic Bank Draft, or monthly credit card billing:

  • 2 family members - $165/Month
  • 3 family members - $225/Month
  • 4th family member - FREE

Terms and Conditions:

  • All Fees are non-refundable
  • Electronic Bank Drafts/Credit Card billing will draft on the 1st of the month, or the first business day of the month.
  • All belt rank tests below black belt are $50 per test


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