Independent school owners, I have been right where you are sitting.  Maybe your instructor has retired or closed shop.  Maybe you were tired of the political games of an association.  Maybe you had a falling out with the lack of integrity of your instructor.  Now you have opened a school, and you are just not sure about your curriculum, or how to run your business.  Maybe you are looking to test for your next rank, but do not have anyone to test you.  There are so many scenarios that can come into play as an independent school owner who wants to do things correctly.  Oh sure, there are tons of instructors out there who just self promote or try to wing it, but todays customers are more savvy than in the past, and as martial artists we want to do things with integrity.  

Allow me to help you with such things as creating a strong curriculum, integrating ground into your taekwondo curriculum, starting holiday and summer camps, starting an after school program, providing ideas to create more income to make your school a place families can be proud to attend, and provide yourself with the income you deserve.   I do not declare myself as a "guru", or to have the system that fits every school or market.  I do not believe that exists.  I have had over 20 years of martial arts experience, and have a very successful school, and believe I can help you become successful as well.  Lets work together to make you and your school the best it can be! Hit our Contact Us page, send me an email, and you and I will start a plan! 

To your success!!

Master Mike Mason